Atomic! Talking Watch -5 Senses Expansion Band Talking Watch (1020A)

Price: $39.99
(as of Oct 09,2018 21:59:11 UTC – Details)

This atomic SENSES UNISEX Easy-To-Read Talking Watch has an amazing atomic accuracy. It sets itself including adjustment for daylight savings time. Your talking watch clearly talks the time day date month and year and signal reception status in a pleasant male voice at the touch of a button.

The 5 SENSES atomic talking watch is great for anyone with a visual problem and is good for time reading in low light condition. Time and calendar of the talking watch are set automatically by the radio Atomic clock signal that is broadcasting on the air through an antenna set up in the country. Never Sets Your Watch Again. Easy-to-read Over-size big LCD digits with backlight is good to read time in daytime and nighttime. Fine polished shinny metal watch case with scratch resistant anti-reflective mineral crystal plus a comfortable expansion band.

The Atomic Radio Controlled digital Talking Watch only uses one battery (included) for the movement of digital display and digital voice. Please note: Atomic signal from Ft. Collins Colorado is not able to reach states of Alaska and Hawaii (and country of Canada) but the watch time can be set by user manually. However, calendar function will not work without an atomic signal.

Buyers from these States and country of Canada are recommended to buy 5 SENSES advanced VHAS non-Atomic talking watch or our easy-to-touch front button LCD digital talking watch. Please visit our homepage and select VHAS Talking Watch (on the Home page of the Our Categories??) for details. Our Customer Service provides battery replacement to ease your work! Of course, you can buy battery on our website for easy battery replacement at home. *ALL WATCHES ARE TESTED BEFORE SHIPPING* BY TimeChant (Hong Kong) Limited a company of the New York Standard Watch Company LLC.

Sets itself – Time and calendar of the talking watch are set automatically by the radio Atomic clock signal. Adjusts for Daylight Savings.
Date-Day and Alarm
Announces time date day month year alarm status & signal reception status.
Clear and loud male voice
Easy-To-Read Over-size Big LCD Digits