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Marvel’s Men’s Spider-Man Ring – 11

Marvel's Men's Spider-Man Ring – 11

Price: (as of – Details) Dude! check this out! just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman here, and I thought My new Stark Tech costume was awesome. It seems people are making cooler stuff for Me than, well, Me! LOL. Like this ring! right!!!??? they even got the pattern of My new suit into the design, that’s crazy… what’s your passion jewelry ...

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Marvel’s Men’s SHIELD Hydra Ring – 10

Marvel's Men's SHIELD Hydra Ring - 10

Price: (as of – Details) Congratulations to the newest agents of the strategic homeland intervention enforcement and logistics division. This ring signifies your commitment to Justice and order, while keeping the public discreetly out of harms way. With the ever-present threat of secret societies, alien armies, and Super humans lingering all around; let this ring show the select few that ...

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Marvel’s Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Necklace – Red

Marvel's Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Necklace - Red

Price: (as of – Details) Proof that Tony Stark does have a heart. Now you can wear one close to yours too. What’s your passion has crafted this pendant by starting with official Marvel schematics. This pendant is made in sterling silver with a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements. The piece is then hand-finished by our ...

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Marvel’s Ms. Marvel’s Logo Necklace – Red

Marvel's Ms. Marvel’s Logo Necklace – Red

Price: (as of – Details) While this pendant may not give you a superhuman healing factor or the ability to stretch your limbs, you can show off your love of superheroes the way the pride of New Jersey does! Kamala Khan was exposed to Terrigen mists and her inhuman powers manifested. Just like this superhero fan girl, you too can be ...

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