What You Need To Know About Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamonds are commonly associated with engagement rings, but the fact is they are also widely featured on wedding rings. If you have settled for diamond wedding bands, then you would need to find out everything there is to a good quality diamond so that you can get value for the money you spend on the rings. The four C’s of diamond selection should be your guide to getting the very best for your big day.

1. Color – Diamonds are colorless or near colorless with shades of brown or yellow in some cases. A completely colorless diamond is more valuable and desirable compared to one that has yellow hints. If you love some color though, you can still choose the slightly yellow diamonds for your band considering that not all diamonds will be colorless.

2. Carat – The carat of the diamond measures weight and not the size of the diamond as many people think. Large carat weight adds value to the diamond and so they tend to be costlier than those with lower carat weights. The setting and cut of the diamond will determine its actual weight and the number of stones on the ring.

3. Clarity – Besides being colorless, a good diamond will not have any natural flaws. The flaws are however very common in diamonds and it can be hard to find a stone that is clear without natural fingerprints or birthmarks as they are commonly referred. The fewer the flaws the more valuable the diamond will be. It is important to remember that most of these inclusions are hard to see with the naked eye, hence they will not steal the beauty of your ring but clarity should be considered as well when choosing the diamond band.

4. Cut – It determines the brilliance of the diamond and only skilled craftsmen are able to bring out the best from the stone. The diamonds go through cutting that revolves around proportions, angles and fine symmetry, so that light can be reflected and dispersed from one diamond facet to the next giving the ring a brilliant sparkle. You can tell how well a diamond is cut by the glister and sparkle it gives. The cut also plays a part in the shape of the diamond on the ring and the most common shapes are highlighted below.

  • The round cut is a classic and very popular shape as far as diamonds are concerned. It suits all ring styles and settings and is a timeless beauty.
  • The Princess cut is squarer in shape and gives the ring a fresh modern look.
  • The Cushion cut is very popular with celebrities and is more of a rounded square or a rounded rectangle highlighting the brilliance of the diamonds on the ring. It can be an excellent choice for fancy colored diamonds.
  • Other popular diamond cuts you can choose for the wedding ring include marquise, heart, emerald, oval and pear which elongate the fingers making them look thinner or slimmer. You can try on different cuts to see which best suits your fingers before buying.