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Parag Fragrances White Musk Attar 500ml Wholesale Pack Attar (Alcohol Free, Long Lasting Attar For Men – Women & Religious Use) Worlds Best Attar | Itra | Fragrance Oil | Scent

Price: £204.00
(as of Sep 17,2020 20:28:01 UTC – Details)

Other Fragrances Samples Are Free With This Pack. We Can Provide 8-10 Samples of Buyer Choice With This Pack. Please send Names of Attar Samples by Mail after purchasing this pack.
500ml Attar (0% Alcohol) Long Lasting Attar Specially For Men
Made From Traditional Indian Bhapka Process (Made In India)
Also Available in 12ml/25ml/100ml/250ml
Premium Quality Product of Parag Fragrances ( Leading Attars Seller in India )

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